Why this domain is a

blatant joke only dumbos will refute

A treatise on absolution in domain name handling
Mental level: mondo bizarro


        For all that large companies do to defend their intellectual property, they tend to overlook some of the most pressing matters pertaining to the digital realm, such as domain names, and how loose many can become in the gambit of enticing clicks from boomers and the illiterate due to how the WWW and HTML were both not really meant for this media heavy trash pile that we've let the internet become.  This domain is one such, although it is used not for nefarious phishing goals or hocking the latest Soulja Boy 32767-in-1, but to present a bizzare series of jokes for an art group spread across North America that noticed that "nintendoofamerican.com" is a valid domain.    It would take an act of sheer insanity to somehow believe that "nintendoofamerican.com" is a valid domain compared to the obvious solution of typing in "nintendo.com" and getting the correct results, i.e. the Nintendo homepage of their regional choice, but then again in these trying times of boomer spasticness and toddlers left unrestrained on cell phones, who knows where this will end up in search engines, that is all out of my control.   Have to give a proper shoutout to MrPinball64 since he first discovered that "nintendoamerica.com" is an available domain, causing the idea of this to begin out of a 2AM sleepless haze.  Remember to leave in school kids and that anime is a global cancer unless you watch 80s action schoolgirl shows on laserdisc like a real american! God is a bus driver! I am senzuri champion! Applejack is best pony! The government lies you're going to die! Death Grips on the moon 2024!! Mother 3 US neverever!! The programmer has a nap! Holdout! PROGRAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!