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Features of GBA Money

Makes money transactions as easy as connecting your Link Cable to a participating retailer's register or ATM.
MasterCard USD Pak included, additional Paks sold separately.
Works with all Game Boy Advance models (Game Boy Player not recommended).

Link Cable required.
Information Support Email


New Peso, Ruble and Yuan Paks!
Make spending overseas easier than ever before.
(Note: Yuan Pak will not work in any iQue models)
Other Sites:

If you have a Game Boy Advance and you have things you need to buy, that's where GBA Money comes in!
The GBA Money pak gives you the ability to use your Game Boy Advance as the world's most powerful credit or debit card, making it harder to steal than any ordinary banking card.

Just plug your Link Cable into the register at any participating retailer and use your GBA to enter your PIN, and the Money Pak will handle everything else for you. No need to keep a wallet on a chain or your hands in your pocket out of paranoia, because with GBA Money, how's anyone going to take a whole Game Boy off of you without you noticing first? The ultimate defense for the future of paying on the go!

Each GBA Money comes with the MasterCard pak compatible with United States dollars and a spare Link Cable for use with your Game Boy Advance.

Use GBA Money at these fine retailers:
Circuit City
Best Buy
EB Games
Taco Bell
Dunkin Donuts
Great Clips

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